Business reading

When it comes to making decisions around your business or career it can be challenging and place and enormous stress on our day to day lives even though we may not realise this at the time.

We perfom many psychic readings based around career and business and below are a few examples and the questions that can be asked of our psychic readers, these can be varied and diverse:


  • Someone who is deciding to set up in business and asking will their business be a success, especially if they are looking to give up their paid work.
  • Often Psychics can offer insight to provide insights and make suggestions into how the business can be more profitable.
  • Sometimes its just assistance in making decisions, the person will already have an idea of their path.

Career wise:

  • Often people call in when they are looking for another job or are not sure whether to move.
  • If someone is looking for a career change they may speak to one of our gifted psychics what path they should potentially take.
  • Often we speak to people who have been made redundant which is a very worrying time  Crystal Heart Psychics can guide you through this time.
  • Many people also call our line when sadly when they are having a difficult time at work with bosses, or colleagues.

How does a Business Psychic Reading help?

Our psychic readers have years of experience in the area of advising people in  their jobs, career and business. Often we are there to listen and it is good to talk and often when you talk to someone you feel better about life as a whole.

Our Psychic readers can be incredibly insightful when it comes to making career decisions and can often help in making suggestions that you may not have even recognised.

Sometimes it just takes someone to talk it through with and you will feel you are back on the right path.

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