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Working as a healer and psychic for many years now, I (Caroline) have spoken with many worried clients concerned about love and relationships.

The simple reason, the relationship isn’t taking shape into the kind of relationship they thought would happen. The other party may be behaving like this due to emotional wounds from the past, or a general unwillingness to commit, another person can be involved, but the relationship can seem very on and off. I call these yo yo relationships, and the person who disappears is confused about what they want from a relationship.

Whilst we may feel a connection with someone and there is a massive pull and connection with that person, we have to look at our own standards of self worth and self respect.

It is a question of how do you wish to be treated.

Also sometimes when there is a strong connection with someone and there is a soul mate connection, it may mean that a soul mate is a past life connection that we have a lesson to learn from.

In this life we have many lessons and sometime these are neither easy nor pleasant. However there is always a golden nugget of information that comes out of that learning that we can take forward into our life.

A rule of thumb, whilst you may feel you are meant to be together, if the person you have got that connection with is not treating you in the way you wish to be treated, self worth and respect come first, if it is a soul lesson it can help us move on to pastures new and allow us to be stronger in ourselves for us to move on from that situation and find the happiness we deserve.

I say to all of my clients, make sure we are happy in ourselves before finding a partner.

The reason for this is we are not looking for someone to fill a gap, as our life is full, and enjoyable. A partner is meant to enhance our life, whilst every relationship has it’s up’s and down’s and there may be disagreements, a partner is meant to make us feel happy, respected and calm.

Also by being and knowing we can be happy in ourselves on our own, we then know that if we are being treated incorrectly we have the strength to walk away from a situation that is undermining to our self respect and dignity.
I am a great believer in spiritual connections and the right relationship for however long it may be, you will always know in your heart if it is right.
You will have gut feelings, you will enjoy their company, and you will also feel relaxed enough in yourself to know they are right.

I am aware that in today’s society and dating, there are many people who walk round with a tick list, such as is she/he nice looking, they have a good job, nice car, nice house and judge their potential future partner on material values. However love comes from the heart and this is a connection we need to listen to.

The questions we should be asking should be more of, are you attracted to each other, do you have a connection and does that person treat you with respect and in the manner you wish to be treated.

The other person and I do accept this as a psychic, also has to be ready for that connection also and this is where it can be tricky, because if that person isn’t ready in themselves, due to past experiences not fully let go of, fear getting hurt, in the process fear of getting hurt can cause you to run from any future potential relationship based on judgement of past experiences.

This is why it is best to learn also to communicate with your partner. There a three key ingredients to any relationship are you matched spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

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