Rose essential oil – Aromathrapy and Healing

Rose essential oil not only has a beautiful smell it has many health benefits.

Skin benefits: This natural oil has been used for centuries to improve the appearance and health of the skin.

It can help skin heal and maintain vitality. It is also a very powerful antioxidant for the skin.

Rose oil is also used for its anti-inflammatory beneficial properties, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

The History Of Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil has been used in traditional medicine and beauty rituals for many centuries. It is said that In ancient times, Cleopatra used rose oil to aid her in keeping her skin looking young and radiant. This Rose essential oil was a favourite of the Queen of Sheba.

Rose oil was introduced to Europe in the 16th century, where it quickly became a staple in the cosmetics industry and production reached its height in the 19th century, during this time, it was used extensively in perfumes and beauty products.

Later in the 20th century its usage declined. We are now starting to see a revival of Rose oil useage in recent years.

The Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is well known for its antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and anti-viral properties. It is also an aphrodisiac and astringent.

Now that we know a little bit more about where rose essential oil comes from let’s take a closer look at its benefits for the skin and health.

Benefits Of Rose Oil For Skin

The antioxidant properties of rose oil are most important in terms of its antibacterial effect, which may help with acne. Producte featuring this essential oil can provide nourishment as well as disinfection. Rose oil has also been known to be effective in treating scar tissue as well.

Rose oil is also an antioxidant and can assist in the protection of sensitive skin.

In addition to this rose essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it can help to reduce the appearance of redness, swelling, and other signs of inflammation. Rose essential oil can also help to soothe irritated skin and calm inflamed blemishes.

Rose oil is also known for its ability to fight acne-causing bacteria. When used correctly, rose essential oil can help improve overall skin imperfections.

Antibacterial, antifungal properties

There have also been studies showing that rose oil has an effective effect on treating Candida albicans, which cause infection in lungs.

Eases depressive symptoms

Several studies have also shown that rose oil can alleviate symptoms associated with depressive disorder.

The research shows that postpartum women in their twenties and thirties were diagnosed with depressive symptoms during their first year. Several individuals had aromatherapy as part of regular treatment. In the past, some women have reported significant improvements in health from aromatherapy. In studies, rose oil has been shown to increase the bodies ability to produce dopamine which helps to lower symptoms of depression.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Roses oils have relaxing properties and during the studies, Rose oil was used on the faces of each participant and then the effect on anxiety symptoms was measured. Blood pressure and heart rate were shown to have decreased significantly.

Eases pain relief

The study found that post-operative patients taking rose oil reported a significantly reduced level of headache.

Researchers say rose oil stimulates brain activity and releases sphincterin, which is sometimes referred to as a “feeling-good hormone”. According to this study, the researchers found rose oil aromatherapy helps relieve the pain associated with surgeries.

Relief from menstrual discomfort

Research was done among patients with heavy menstrual pain. The group was divided into two and both recived an abdominal massage. One group was rubbed with almond oils and the other with rose oils. The group massaged with Rose oil reported no stomach cramps.

esearch was done among patients with heavy menstrual pain.

Are there any known side effects?

A skin patch check is required before use to determine whether you have allergies. Apply a small amount of diluted rose oil (mixed into a carrier oil) on your elbow to see if there is any allergic reaction. 

Reed diffusers

Rose oil in aromatherapy

Rose essential oil can also be used in aromatherapy. This therapy uses essential oils to promote relaxation and improve mood. When used in aromatherapy, rose oil can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help to improve sleep quality and ease symptoms of depression.

There are many ways to try aromatherapy.

Roll on



All will improve your wellness journey.


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