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Angels guide us all the way through our life’s, not everyone will be able to see them but we get signs, emotions and feelings also guide us.

Angels are there for us no matter what we do or how we feel in ourselves or where we are in our life’s path.

There is one thing I (Caroline Crystal Heart Psychics) can safely say in your time of need angels are always there to provide positive supportive energy, love, encouragement and emotional support. Which is what we provide at Crystal Heart Psychics.

As a psychic and medium and healer there have been many occasions in my life where I have faced difficult decisions or life choices, or just had some negative circumstances surrounding me.

Its part of our learning and life path. When going through these times, I have asked with gratitude for signs that could lead me down the right path.

An example of this when my dear and beloved horse passed several years ago now, the gentle soul who came into my life as I was facing marital difficulties. The day he passed I was speaking with a friend just after it had happened. At that very moment when upset about it, between the two of us two feather came down and landed between the both of us. My friend had also recently lost her horse and we were discussing that it was lovely I could still see my horse in spirit after he had parted from this world.

Signs from angels can be feathers,pennies, rainbows or just simply feeling great, seeing the beauty in our natural surroundings.

Angels don’t have to be an energetic being, it can simply be a total stranger standing next to you who simply feels compelled to say the words that mean so much.

Through my own personal difficulties and decisions and choices that needed to be made there were signs that showed me the right path all throughout the decision making process. In my circumstances this was a difficult relationship ending and whilst I at the time wanted to relationship to continue, things would happen that would show me the direction I thought I wanted to go in.

For my path this was not the right direction and therefore I was in a place where unanswered questions were being revealed. Those unanswered unanswered questions showed me the right path to follow and my heart, that was the path of discovery to unlocking what I already knew in my soul of being a spiritual healer, psychic and medium.

I later discovered my gift was 4 generations deep in my family, even though this had never been communicated to me due to family beliefs.

When my circumstance got terribly difficult I used to feel at night someone hugging me or stroking the top of my head. This gave me encouragement to keep going and also I felt overwhelmed at the comfort and love this gave me.
All of a sudden new people came into my life who had more of a spiritual nature to guide me in the knowledge I have today.

This is how psychics work and our role is to help others with the purest intention and the greater good of that person.

Angels are always there watching over us and whatever is happening to you right now they are there to help and sometimes our angels can appear in a human or an animal that comes in our path to help us on our life’s journey.

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