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Soul and Spirit Magazine – October 2013 – Interview with a psychic. Page 87
Interviewing Caroline – Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics
Caroline set up Crystal Heart Psychics, as a psychic working for many years she wanted to offer intuitive authentic, quality psychic readings. Her team of psychics are all ethical clairvoyants and psychic mediums, where your heart truly matters. Integrity, and honesty are important to all of us at Crystal Hearts and our job is to guide, assist and empower you in Love, Relationships, Career and Finance. 
We have typed out the article in Soul & Spirit Magazine to ensure you can read what was said. Currently though on sale throughout the UK.
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I was both excited and dubious before I had my reading, and a little unsure how it would work, as I’d never had one over the phone. However, Caroline instantly put me at ease, and my fears about the process quickly diminished.
There were two main areas I wanted to focus on – my career and love life. Caroline was spot on about my persistent fears and blocks about my musical aspirations, and their progression, and encouraged me to believe in myself more, take chances, and faithfully move forward one step at a time. She was also right about certain people and jobs distracting me from my mission in life, and highlighted the importance of laying the foundations for what I really want.
Even though we were only speaking over the phone (and not in person), I found the process incredibly comforting and encouraging, and felt as though she was saying exactly what I needed to hear.
She was also very accurate about my tricky love life, and described the people and emotions involved perfectly. She suggested more time and knowledge would be needed to clarify what would be right for me, and advised me to ‘sit on the fence’ for a while,and wait for the truth to unfold – which really hit the nail on the head.
The reading left me feeling really calm, and more at peace with a very sensitive and turbulent topic.
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