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In our latest series blogs we have talked about spiritual awakening and the modern day psychic.

It is my (Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics) belief from what I know intuitively coupled with personal experience and what I have studied with regards to science, that as a human race we are evolving, this in essence is calling us to be more in-tune with our soul purpose. We are becoming awakened and switched on to our intuition as this is the key to our soul.

When you think of animals the majority of their behaviour is based on instinct. For me personally I talk about horses, my dearly now departed old horse in particular showed me my spiritual gifts and psychic nature.

But when you look at a horse, this is a flight animal who can sense danger from long distances away, the horse does not question that instinct, they just go with what they should do, in this instance it’s run! This is an instinctive reaction danger means run.

All humans have this same instinct, unfortunately in modern society, we have created a safe environment for ourselves, allowed logic and science to take over and effectively forgotten to listen to our intuition, of both our heart and gut reaction.

Though modern day society talks about logic and analysis and making up our mind of how things should be, this is still logic, but most things when it comes to making a decision, we base it on how we feel, how many times have we said to ourselves “it feels right”.

The way to explain this:
For example we look for a house, we know type of house we want, how many bedrooms, the area and what we can afford to pay. So we go to view a few houses with the specifications we want, in the end though we buy the house that feels right.

Most people when asked why did they do something, most of the time it will be based on a feeling.

This is intuition and instinct and trusting that inner knowing. I personally always say when making a decision it should be from your gut, head and heart every time.

Our belief is at Crystal Heart Psychics, we want to provide quality psychic readings and psychic guidance along with coaching and counselling. We offer clarity and support to help you trust your gut and listen to your instinct and intuition. To help you make the right decision and follow on the right path.

Both head and heart decisions should be intertwined so we find balance and harmony. This is how we are evolving.

Author – Caroline (Crystal Heart Psychics)
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Chakra and energy healing | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

What is spiritual energy?
Spiritual energy is where a healer is able to connect to the greater consciousness, and channel in energy from the universe to enable optimum health. Every person has their own energy field or human energy field which is an electrical frequency, this is why people have static shock. However traditions of 5,000 years in all parts of the globe are consistent with observations scientists have made through the years.
If we read religious texts and nearly all religions speak of experiencing seeing light around people’s heads. Through meditation we can reach states of expanded consciousness which opens up a high sense of perception. Indian texts over 5,000 years old speak of a universal energy called prana, known as the breath of life.
Chinese in the 3rd millennium talk of a vital energy called chi. Chi contains two polar forces the yin and yang are balanced and the right living system creates balance, when this is out of balance it can manifest in the form of disease, look at the wording dis – ease.
Kabbalah which began around 583 bc refers to the same energies as astral light.
Christianity portrays Jesus as surrounded by light.
Egyptians scribed healing pictures on their walls – in today’s society this is known as Seichem.
There are many different healing systems, which work with the human energy field, this also includes reiki.
As a healer we need to learn to protect ourselves first, to ensure we receive and channel the right energy for that person, or animal (horse) we are healing.
As a healer, I will always go into a meditative state before commencing healing, my guides then channel me in the right direction as to where the problem is and I allow myself to channel that energy through to the person/animal I am working with.
In my experience my hands get hot, in other’s experience their hands go cold.
As a healer it is about allowing yourself to let go and trusting the messages and energy that comes from our guides. We let go and become a human conduit for that energy to pass through us in order to assist a healing the person we are treating.
The chakra system is seen in many texts, each chakra has a different colour and electrical frequency and deals with different emotional aspects and parts of the body.
Crown chakra – This is at the top of the head, it represents our connection to the great universe, it’s colour is white and the frequency is 1100-2000 hz.
Third eye – This is on the forehead – it is how clairvoyancy is developed – it’s colour is purple and frequency is 1000-200, plus 300-400;600-800 hz
Throat- this is for speaking your truth, it’s colour is blue and frequency 250-275 hz plus 1200 hz
Heart – we all need love and our heart is the giver of love, it’s colours are pink or green and frequency for green is 250-475 hz
Solar plexus – is based in our stomach area, this is the chakra that creates our manifestation and creates our drive and passion, rememebr the old saying fire in the belly. The colour is yellow and frequency 500-700 hz
Sacral – This is based just under our navel, detoxification is one of the key functions of this chakra It is our pleasure centre also. The colour of this is mainly orange and operates at a frequency of 950-1050 hz
Base – Is the foundation – it  is what grounds us to earth energy, the colour’s of this chakra range from red to black – Red operating at an electrical frequency of 1000-1200 hz.
As a healer in my experience, I work with the colour’s I am shown and I am shown potential black spots of where a person has a physical or emotional issue, my role is to help that person heal and grow in order to follow their own path of evolution.
Author – Caroline
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Working with angels | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings | Where The Heart Matters

Working with Angels is very special experience, Angels are all around us we we can all connect into our angels at anytime. To connect in to our angels it helps if we raise our energetic vibration, we can do this by meditation.
Working with angels, offers us a feeling of unconditional love, warmth and compassion, where we feel inspired.
When we choose to connect more to our inner self and higher self by a process of meditation and relaxation we free ourselves from the day to day life.  At first we connect with our spirit guides often known by people as guardian angels, spirit guides are most people that have carnated on the earth plane and passed over.
We do not often have one guide that stays with us for life, because as we step on to our spiritual path, open ourselves up and clear out issues inside ourselves that may have festered since early childhood.
We release lower level energy. We have all heard of negative energy, and positive energy.
As we release these feelings of uncertainty, stress, and increase this to positivity and lightness we evolve and connect to higher levels.
Angel’s come to us all when we need help, they are not specific to one person.
As all guides they are there to guide and connect, and contrary to popular belief they have a sense of humour second to none ! They help us to be lighter and brighter and see the funny side of life especially when things dont go according to plan !
Humans have always believed in Angels and they a major role in world religions and religious texts. One of these religious texts is the kabbalah, and is the treasure house of Angelic lore. The word Kabbalah comes comes from the Hebrew “to receive with love”
An introduction to some of the angels in the Kabbala’s tree of life which represents the link between the physical world and the cosmos.
The angels listed in the tree of life from the Kabbala below:
Metatron – Kether – Crown
Tzaphkiel – Binah – Understanding
Raziel – Hokmah – Wisdom
Daat – Knowledge
Chamuel – Gevurah – Judgement
Zadkiel – Hessed – Love
Micheal – Tiferet – Beauty
Rapheal – Hod – Splendour
Haniel – Netzah – Victory
Gabriel – Yesod – Foundation
Sandolphon – Malkhut
Archangels – whilst there are millions in the cosmos a few are known, these are:
You will recognise the same names above, the description below give a deeper understanding.
Ariel – Lion of god – is known as the Archangel of earth
Azreal – whom helps god, sometimes known as the angel of death as one of his roles is to help people to cross over
Gabriel – God is my strength – is known as the messenger angel
Chamuel – he who sees god – Archangel of pure love
Haniel – Grace of god – Chief prince of orders
Jeremiel – Mercy of god – Oversees souls waiting to reincarnate
Jophiel – Beauty of god – Patron of arch angel artists
Metatron – the meaning of his name is unclear – he occupies the throne next to the divine throne
Michael – who is like god – Leader of angels
Raguel – Friend of god – Archangel of fairness
Rapheal – God has healed – a very powerful healer
Raziel – Secret of God – believed to know all of the secrets of the universe
Sandalphon – Prince of prayers
Tzaphkiel – Scribe of the divine – charged with bringing divine laws into physical action
Uriel – Fire of god – Know as the archangel of enlightenment
When an angel is needed, they will always be there, and you may not see them, but you may feel their presence and energy. Guardian angels are always with us, they protect us and guide us. As a reader and healer, it humbles me to know we can work with angels, and it is a wonderful gift to have.
Angels always come when asked.

Author – Caroline 
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A warm welcome from Caroline at Crystal Heart Psychics

A big warm welcome from Caroline the founder of Crystal Heart Psychics. Please take the time to watch my introductory video which gives an insight into the reasons why I set set up Crystal Heart Psychics in 2013.