Black onyx | Crystal meaning | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

Element – Earth
Chakra – Root (1st)

Black onyx is a soothing stone and good to have around during times of stress, it is said to help alleviate doubts, uncertainties and fears, and provide strength during difficult circumstances. It is also believed to promote drive and vitality and aid in making decisions.

Not generally regarded as a healing stone, Black Onyx is a protective stone and it does act as a repellent of negative energy.

Black onyx can be used to promote self control, and help to keep emotions and passions under control.

It is a member of the chalcedony group of stones which include carnelian, agate and bloodstone.  Black onyx is often dyed and polished to enhance appearance.
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Red jasper | Crystal meaning | Crystal Heart Psychic readings Where the heart matters

Element : Earth 
Chakra: Root

Red jasper strengthens the root chakra and the earth connection. Red jasper has a stable energy pattern, which can be used to stable ones own internal energy. Such energy stabilisation can lead to good health, emotional balance and strengthening of the life-force energy throughout the body.

Red jasper can expand the energy system with creative energy inspiring new beginnings, stimulating the intellect with positive entrepreneurial ideas.

The stone is assigned to Aries and to the Emperor in tarot charts, both linked to the use of benevolent power, new beginnings, creative flair, and the active use of artistic abilities.

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Blue agate | Crystal Meaning | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where the heart matters

Element : Water
Chakra: Throat

Blue lace agate is a gentle stone that brings calm and tranquillity.

Blue lace agate can bring with this tranquillity a lessening of anger, reduction of stress and nervousness and bringer of harmony. It is generally considered a happy stone full of positive energy, of hope and unity.

Associated with the throat chakra it is considered a stone of communication, reaching higher spiritual planes and communication with angels. It can ease communication in difficult situations, bringing greater intuition, empathy and tactfulness.

With a gentle and delicate blue colouring, as with all agates, blue lace agate is a protective stone, with a calming and smoothing energy particularly associated with children.

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Selenite | Crystal Meaning | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where the heart matters

Selenite is a beautiful stone it is a fine and soft vibration and heals on all levels of the light body, and assists with opening the crown and higher crown chakra’s.

It helps to connect to angelic consciousness and higher guidance.

Meditation with selenite can help one to develop linking in to the higher plane.

Selenite is a calming stone that instil’s deep peace and harmony and is excellent for both meditation and spiritual work.

Even though Selenite is an ancient stone it is one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration coming into the earth.

Selenite can be used to form a protective grid around the house and helps create a safe and quiet place.
Selenite is very good at assisting us in our life plan and helps us asses where we are at in our current life and purpose.

Psychologically selenite assist with judgement and insight, mentally it can aid clearing confusion and can help with bringing a deeper understanding into our heart.

It is a powerful healer, wands can help remove negative attachments and is a powerful stabaliser for emotions.
Selenite is a stone of the light and assists with bringing light in.

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Is love enough ? Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where the heart matters

Often you may have asked yourself the question should I be with this person, the reason why you are asking this and the question you need to ask, is am I being treated right. We are often told if you love someone then you should ride the storm, work it through but at any point if the relationship is toxic to you then it is time to reconsider your options.

Sometimes, you may have a fantastic connection with someone, and yes, we at Crystal heart Psychics help you understand the energy between you and the potential special partner, but there if you are not being treated with respect, care and attention but you love a person, always ask yourself am I happy and being treated right.

If you love yourself enough and you have respect for yourself, and someone is not treating the way you wish to be treated, then there are two options try and speak with your partner, because communication love, understanding and respect for each other is essential to any successful relationship. If this is not possible, then you may have to consider seriously whether love is enough to stay with that person.

As a psychic and medium and also a qualified life coach and healer, I conduct many telephone psychic readings in the area of love and relationships, on a psychic level we can channel the guidance we receive but it does help to have common sense and grounded advice with your best interests at heart. This may mean walking away from the person you feel that you love.

Everything does happen for a reason and things do fall into place and will make sense at the right time.

Believe and trust that the true love and respect you deserve is out there waiting. By letting go of negative relationships you are allowing new opportunities to come into your pathway leading to a more fulfilling future.

Author – Caroline – Crystal Heart Psychics
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Every cloud has a silver lining | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

With regards to our lives, there a moment’s when we ask ourselves questions like:

Is life always going to be like this?

Can it really be this bad ? Especially when things don’t happen the way you wanted them to happen.

There is always a silver lining in every cloud, at the time you not think this and that is understandable. There is always a reason to clear the pathway and for a new chapter to come into your life where you get to rewrite the story of your life.

If you have learnt from past mistakes, and changed your thinking to adapt to new situations with a positive outlook, you will bring more opportunities to come your way.

The most difficult type of change is the change that is sometimes not our choice, where we have no control over the situation. This may be in redundancy scenario’s or breakdown of relationships.

However ask yourself can this a redundancy can be positive, you may have been in a job for many years and well happy to stay there because it is secure and comfortable.

You find yourself in a position where you find a new job after being made redundant and its the best job you ever had. By seeing things in a positive light, it gives you an opportunity to perhaps think outside that box for a second and choose a new pathway or perhaps learn new things and create new challenges.

Or it might simply been the push you needed to set up that business you have always dreamed of doing.

This is the same for relationships, you may have found the relationship you are in stagnant or controlling or just a relationship you were not happy in. The person you were with announces one day that they are leaving.

You may have some grief to go through, before you come to the acceptance of a relationship breaking down. But by the relationship simply not being there it has made you a stronger person, allowed you to focus in on things such as career or that hobby you always wanted to do.

It makes you go out, be more sociable and interact with different people, do things you never thought you were capable of.

Then one day, when you are the person you are truly meant to be that partner who is loving caring supportive and encouraging turns up as a bit of surprise and it is the kind of person you dreamt of.

So sometimes when times get tough, always remember the moral of the story bad situation, it won’t last and because we don’t know what is going to turn up in the future we think it’s not a nice place to be.

By keeping our faith and seeing things in a different light, it helps us see the positive in any given situation and gets us through those tough times and may even lead us onto greater things.

At Crystal Heart Psychics, we provide authentic caring and professional psychic readings, and all of our psychics have life guidance skills and can help you see the positive in your situation and provide you with the practical tools and spiritual guidance to get through those tough times.

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Cross my palm with silver | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where the heart matters

Cross my palm with silver?

It is an old cliché, but it is something psychics have said for many years with good reason.

Whilst there may be people out there prepared to provide psychic readings for free, this is partly because these are psychics who wish to test their own skills of abilities on clients.

When a person seeks spiritual guidance and advise, there should be acknowledgement of the service provided and for the time spent providing that psychic reading ?

If you were to attend the temple in ancient times and speak with a healer, it would be expected to bring the elder/healer gifts to ensure they can survive in order to offer you the service.

There are a number of reasons it is in your interest to pay for psychic readings.

1.  Quality

In many cases you may know what you are getting from a free reading, but all too often you have no idea who conducting it or what their skill level is, what their ethics are or their motivation for offering free readings. A reader working on their own professionally or for a reputable company will work to ethical guidelines and within the law. Would you take any other free service from an unknown individual that you are not able to check references, feedback etc. on? Imagine free dentistry but you have no idea the ethics or qualifications of the person offering it. Would you take it?

2.  Respect

The reader is a human being like you, we offer a service that we know can help and guide you. We are charging for our time and guidance and healing where there is healing provided. Just look to the medical profession they will charge for their service provided.

3.  Balance

The energies of the universe are finely tuned. If someone takes from us then balance is returned by what they give. This can be achieved through payment.

4.  Investment

A reading, a good one is an investment in you, an investment in your future. Freud argued that payment was part of the psychotherapy and this goes for readings. If you have paid then you will take it seriously. You will only have a reading because you really need it or want it. It will on this basis, be better valued by you.

5.  Longevity

If you pay fair and square, you will never be indebted to the reader; you have a professional ethical relationship. You can return for further readings without embarrassment.

Finally a word on not getting ripped off and ‘ entertainment only’

The law in the UK puts readings into the category of entertainment and readings must be offered to you on this basis (often found in the small print). You are more likely to see these disclaimers on paid for reading services; they are a legal requirement.

It is most important to say although cheapest is often not best , there should be no need to pay extortionate sums for psychic or spiritual services . Do a little research on the going rates for the service you are looking for. If a service provider is asking for a lot more than this then ask yourself what it is they are offering you above and beyond other providers. This applies to most professions not just psychics.

Going for a well known (or personally recommended) , ethical and reputable service should mean that you get what you have paid for and there will be redress if you do not .

Enjoy your reading – it is yours

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Aragonite | Crystal Meaning | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings | Where The Heart Matters

Useful for: Balancing energy fields, emotional healing renewed strength and confidence

Element : Storm

Chakras : All

This stone is a powerful healer and helps to balance the emotional body.

It can assist in maintaining a centre of serenity in trying circumstances and in discharging subconscious held tensions relating to past emotional wounds.

Such memories can initially occur as vivid as the re-experiencing of old wounding’s. However when such attachments have been cleared from the body and the auric field, Aragonite star clusters can facilitate a real adventure of exploration.

When meditating or holding aragonite, there is a feeling of joy, lightness, abundance and calm.
Aragonite teaches patience and acceptance, it combats over sensitivity and is good for people who push themselves to hard.

It facilitate delegating, its practical energy encourages discipline and reliability and develops a realistic approach to life.

Mentally the stone helps with focus and being proactive.

Spiritually the stone stabilises the spiritual energy and assists spiritual development, whilst remaining grounded and in control, it has a calming energy, that restores balance, aids with meditation by raising spiritual vibration.

Author – Caroline – Crystal Heart Psychics
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