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Are you the one who always sees it coming? 
Can you see a friend has been dumped even before she even spills the beans about her heartbreak? You might be the psychic lightning rod among your friends.

With this psychic gift, you can do a lot of good for those around you. But it can also be a bit of a curse. Use your power correctly and you deepen the bond with your closest friends. Develop an arrogant superiority about your psychic strength and you could be shunned as a haughty know-it-all with unsolicited advice. Here are five tips for you if your connection with close friends, family and acquaintances gives you vision into everyone’s destiny!

‘Mum’s The Word’
This is the easiest position to take. If nobody asks for advice, a good friend refrains from offering unsolicited commentary that goes against expectations or hopes. It is really quite simple to avoid discussing your psychic visions. Giving someone news they do not want to hear often sets you up to be the enemy. It can make you more than a psychic lightning rod; it can make you the lightning rod for criticism.

‘Embrace the Positive’
If you see a vision of a friend being dumped by a lover, start the conversation with a cheerleading sense of this person’s independence. After the dumping actually takes place, you will have already primed your friend to believe that there are lots of available partners for such an independent spirit.
Underscoring breakthroughs and positive changes that occur after transformative events is your basic job description as Psychic Lightning Rod. If your friend is about to have a great, upbeat moment, cheerleading is what is called for from the moment you see it coming. Otherwise, prepping your friend to make a soft landing is your calling.

‘Embrace a Medium’
People take advice better when it comes from an authority. If you are having visions of a friend’s future, you might want to offer to give this person a Tarot reading or an astrology reading. Brush up on your skills by finding a medium that works best for you.
When you give a friend a reading, a few things can happen. First, you will be able to hone your initial vision through the direction that your chosen medium illustrates. This offers your friend a clearer vision of what you are seeing or feeling. Second, your friend might fill in some of the blanks about what is going on in response to the imagery of the Tarot reading or the symbolism of the astrology chart. Third, and most importantly, when you involve a medium, you do not seem like just any friend offering unsolicited advice. Your vision has a proper context in which to be discussed and considered.

‘Create a Relaxed Environment’
If you decide to tell a friend something that seems urgent and necessary, create a safe place for this person to receive your words. The news you are delivering is serious, big and spectacular. You cannot walk up to a friend you bump into at the grocery store and say, “I had a vision your dad got hit by a car,” and expect a hug and endless
gratitude for sharing your gift.

Find a comfortable place where people relax and are open to visionary descriptions of coming changes. Perhaps your house or apartment has a meditation room that can comfortably hold more than one person. Is this a retreat-like setting where you can discuss intimate matters without interruption? Can you give a friend a space in which judgment is not passed?

When you do set up the get-together, avoid overly dramatic language. There is nothing worse than building up expectations only to have a friend feel let down when all you deliver is old news or bad news. Being a good friend means being a great listener. You can of course approach the whole topic indirectly. Get your friend to talk about her own insights. You might find that she already knows what you’ve seen.
‘Insist on a Reality Check’

If you believe you are the final word, the universe will rebel against you. When you share your vision with a friend, explain to them that you may be biased and suggest they seek a neutral reading from a gifted psychic. You should not radically alter the course of a friendship because of your ability to see the future. Maintaining a normal relationship despite your gift is the hallmark of true friendship.

Author – Caroline of Crystal heart Psychics
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Soulmates, and the art of finding the right one | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

If you know what you are looking for, the task of finding your soulmate will be much easier and the journey will accelerate. Love is like a puzzle, so you seek a partner who provides a snug fit, not an identical copy of you. The more you both share as you discover each other, the greater your joy will be. You are looking for a partner and a friend. The physics of attraction are universal. If you focus on bringing something or someone into your life, you will attract him.
This guide will help you paint a portrait, to define the attributes and qualities of your ideal soulmate. This exercise is a breeze: it’s all about you! Most fascinating, you will be surprised at what you will learn about yourself.
A deeply felt relationship will grow more beautiful and substantial over the course of your lifetime. Your team of two will face, overcome and survive the challenges life presents. Use your wish list wisely. When you can answer, “What will I bring to the table?” you can define the best person to call your partner.
This exercise must be an open and honest conversation with yourself. It cannot be done in a hurry. Spend as much time as it takes to work out the desired attributes of your partner. Make your list on paper. Hand write it, make it as long as you want and be specific. Focus. Take a break and come back to see your list in a different light. Do some of your requirements strike you as shallow or leftover from an old you? Discard them.
Above all, make sure you haven’t forgotten a single thing on your list. Once you have envisioned the whole character of your soulmate, your wish list will offer an interesting reflection of you. Keep it on your altar or burn it on the beach in a ceremony. You will know the right way for you to offer your request to the Universe.
Here are a few questions to help guide your exploration of your soulmate list:
Does your soulmate work? are they dependable? How do they value work? Will they be a good provider? The importance someone places on their employment often reflects on dependability. As you raise a family, how committed are they ?
How do they spend their free time hours? How do you? Are they project based, fixing this and maintaining that? Do they hunger for creative expression or for adventure and travel? Are they a homebody or a couch potato? Are they dependent on you for fun or do they have their own interests? How a partner spends their leisure time is often an indicator of their potential performance as a parent.
General disposition? What is yours? Are they a go-getter? Are they reserved and cautious? Do they look before they leap? You have heard the saying “while fools rush in”
Do they keep to their word? Do they follow through and do what they say they are going to do?
What does your mate own? What do they cherish? What is most important to them? Do they keep their possessions in good condition?
How does your mate regard their body? Do they treat themselves well? Are they  hoping to be around awhile? And are they doing what it takes?
How do you feel about yourself? How will your mate feel about themself? In life, we all go through ups and downs, at various times. In general, what is his/her outlook on life? Sunny or gloomy? What does he/she respect?
What is your spiritual core? How do you honor Life? How should he/she? It may be very important for to you to find a  partner with the same religion. A deep spiritual sense, of another belief, may be just as good.
How does your partner face uncertainty? When times are tough, how do they react? Fear is a normal and everyday part of life. Insecurity is nothing to be embarrassed about. Conversely, how do they win? With grace and humility? Or do they strut and gloat? Victory and defeat are fascinating aspects of a person’s character.
How do they define fun? Do they laugh? What type of humor makes them laugh loudest? And you? Do you prefer a partner who brings a healthy dose of sarcasm? Is his/her humor clean or dirty? Is it offered in kindness or out of spite?
You can learn much from one’s respect and understanding of tradition. Are family or religious customs important? Do they hold dearly certain practices that are handed down over time?
Realistically, you may not find a bull’s-eye, a man/woman who meets every one of your requirements. Aim for a majority, not perfection. When you honor your list and refuse to settle, you may wait longer, but you will be happier in the long run. Don’t give in to loneliness and choose the wrong mate.
Your list is a road map that leads you in the right direction. It will help you manifest and conjure. Finding a soulmate is an exercise in compatibility. As co-captains in Life, you will sail your ship over calm and stormy seas. Do you work well together? Yes! You are soulmates
Just remember – Love is not logic and our biggest key to attracting the right partner is:
1) To be happy in ourselves and clear emotional baggage, every person is a new beginning and do not judge others by what has happened in the past. 
2) To enjoy our life regardless of whether we have a relationship or not
3) Gut feeling and connection
4) last but not least make sure you are treated well

Author – Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics
Psychic readings, Psychic coaching, Psychic counselling
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