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In our latest series blogs we have talked about spiritual awakening and the modern day psychic.

It is my (Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics) belief from what I know intuitively coupled with personal experience and what I have studied with regards to science, that as a human race we are evolving, this in essence is calling us to be more in-tune with our soul purpose. We are becoming awakened and switched on to our intuition as this is the key to our soul.

When you think of animals the majority of their behaviour is based on instinct. For me personally I talk about horses, my dearly now departed old horse in particular showed me my spiritual gifts and psychic nature.

But when you look at a horse, this is a flight animal who can sense danger from long distances away, the horse does not question that instinct, they just go with what they should do, in this instance it’s run! This is an instinctive reaction danger means run.

All humans have this same instinct, unfortunately in modern society, we have created a safe environment for ourselves, allowed logic and science to take over and effectively forgotten to listen to our intuition, of both our heart and gut reaction.

Though modern day society talks about logic and analysis and making up our mind of how things should be, this is still logic, but most things when it comes to making a decision, we base it on how we feel, how many times have we said to ourselves “it feels right”.

The way to explain this:
For example we look for a house, we know type of house we want, how many bedrooms, the area and what we can afford to pay. So we go to view a few houses with the specifications we want, in the end though we buy the house that feels right.

Most people when asked why did they do something, most of the time it will be based on a feeling.

This is intuition and instinct and trusting that inner knowing. I personally always say when making a decision it should be from your gut, head and heart every time.

Our belief is at Crystal Heart Psychics, we want to provide quality psychic readings and psychic guidance along with coaching and counselling. We offer clarity and support to help you trust your gut and listen to your instinct and intuition. To help you make the right decision and follow on the right path.

Both head and heart decisions should be intertwined so we find balance and harmony. This is how we are evolving.

Author – Caroline (Crystal Heart Psychics)
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The modern day psychic | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic readings Where The Heart Matters

The word Psychic can often has often created a reaction of fear and scepticism and brings up an image of a lady sitting in a corner with a crystal ball in front of her and scarf over the top of her head!

The word psychic often labels, spooky, weird, odd, strange, or simply invokes fear.
Some psychics do use tools – these can be any form of cards, from Angel cards to Tarot cards, and even the Crystal Ball. However these are simply tools that help a psychic reader focus on the energy around a person. Carl Jung the famous for founder of analytical psychology wrote on numerous occasion’s about his knowledge of the tarot and human synchronicity. 

In my experience (from Caroline at Crystal Heart Psychics), being a psychic medium and working professionally myself for many years I have come across many of these different perceptions. Both the spiritual community and I have had to learn accept it is part of the course, if we are to be who we are.

All of the readers at Crystal Heart Psychics have like myself have ethics and integrity and are truly gifted individuals. “Normal people with exceptional gifts”, I like to call it fine tuned sensitivity.

The modern day psychic is grounded, able to offer genuine advice and guidance without interfering with spiritual or karmic law.

Spiritual law means everybody has freewill and the right to choose, we can tell you the opportunities coming your way from the messages we receive, we offer guidance and help you listen to your natural gift of intuition and help you stay positive through whatever situation you are dealing with, as every cloud does have a silver lining. It may not seem like it at the time but invariably you will know later on why something happened.

As a psychic it is part of our ethics and integrity to ensure a client has a positive experience and goes away feeling enlightened, lighter, brighter and calmer about their future or any particular life choices that they have to make.

If you asked a psychic – why do they do what they do, they would tell you they felt it was a higher calling, as they have a gift to share that can help others onto their path, it is unselfish and it is set with the purest intention of caring for another person, along with our animals in the case of Crystal Heart Psychics.

On a personal note, nothing gives me greater pleasure when someone comes back to me and says thanks. It fills my heart with gratitude, joy and fulfilment.

It is unfortunate in our field of work, some people claim they are psychic when unfortunately this isn’t the case.

It is something as an industry we have had to face.

The modern day psychic, knows and understands psychology along with energy, it is their calling to bring a client back in balance, we still have what I personally consider as “the extra special bits” this is our gifts. (Clairvoyant (seeing), Clairaudient (Hearing), clairsentient (Feeling), Claircognizance (Knowing)).

As a modern day psychic, I still carry out day to day life, live life, enjoy fashion, socialise and am just like any other person walking down the street. I just have a gift that helps others and it is a gift that I wish to share.
Our family of psychic readers have a vast array of life experience, knowledge, and coaching skills, and as the founder of Crystal Heart Psychics I test all of the psychics online.

We at Crystal Heart Psychics, don’t just want to give you a whats going to happen, we will point out the opportunities that are coming in your pathway, we also want to assist you in listening to your own intuition, giving you the confidence and choices to follow your own path and heart.

However I always say to my client’s, spirit do have a sense of humour and well sometimes when giving a reading it helps to see the lightness in any of a given situation.

Below is a scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal belief.
Out of 1002 participants, 18 years or older, 73% believed in paranormal events some of the beliefs were:
41% ESP – Extra sensory perception
37% – Haunted Houses
32% – Ghosts
31% – telepathy
26% – Clairvoyancy
25% – Astrology
21% – Communication with the dead
20% – Reincarnation
9% – Channeling spirit entities

Author – Caroline Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics
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Spiritual awakenings | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

Among spiritual circles you will hear people talking about their own spiritual awakening and how it was such a beautiful experience.

As a psychic medium and a healer, my own (Caroline) personal spiritual awakening was frightening, traumatic and at the same time beautiful, but hard to understand, being a very logical person initially it was difficult to accept, hence why the various qualifications I completed that helped me combine the Spiritual aspect with both Science and logic. Luckily for me I was surrounded by people who knew what I was experiencing and could explain it in a form I could understand.

It is and was an experience I will never forget, but has changed my life immensely and whilst it was challenging and inspiring it was an enlightening experience.

We are coming into an age where we are all awaking and this blog is written to help others going through this process.

I have since accepted my gifts and abilities and accepted that you can both listen to your heart and head, and using the two is far more powerful than one. It is why at Crystal Heart Psychics we provide you with a professional and caring psychic reading where we can help, most of our team are qualified life coaches and counsellors and with these additional skills we can help you heal both heart and mind. 

Whilst I had my gift since birth and I am a natural born healer and intuitive, there comes a time in your life where you are awakened to being inline with your soul purpose.
I have since investigated the experience of spiritual awakening and collaborated my own personal experience and gained other information from elsewhere.

This article aims to give you some insights into the experience of spiritual awakening, and reassuring you “don’t be alarmed”, after a time it settles and you truly know who you are and can stayed grounded and can combine both head and heart.

Here are a few of the changes that occur below:
1. Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night. 
2. Sudden waves of emotion. Crying at the drop of a hat. Feeling suddenly angry or sad with little provocation. 
Or inexplicably *depressed – then very happy! An emotional roller coaster.
3. Altered eating habits, * food intolerances, allergies you never had before. Unusual food cravings. 
4. Amplification of the senses – Sight: *Blurry vision, seeing shimmering objects, glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. You may also see geometric shapes or brilliant colours and pictures when eyes are closed. 
5. Amplification of the senses – Hearing: Your ears are adjusting to new frequencies. *You may hear ringing, roaring or buzzing noises.
6. Amplification of the senses – Smell, touch, and/or taste. Food may taste better, worse or just different. You may notice smells or fragrances that others are not aware of. 
7. A range of *physical manifestations: Headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps.
8. Vivid dreams. Many dreams may be mystical or carry messages for you.
9. A desire to break free from restrictive patterns, life-draining jobs and toxic people or situations. You want to be creative and free to be who you really are.
10.Creativity bursts: Receiving images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations at an often overwhelming rate. 
11. A perception that time is accelerating.
12. A deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, and revelation. Perhaps an interest in the spiritual for the first time in your life.
13. A feeling that you are somehow different, with new skills and gifts emerging, especially healing ones.
14 “Teachers” appear seemingly everywhere with perfect timing to help you on your spiritual journey.
15. Seeing things that have spiritual importance for you. Noticing how numbers appear with synchronicity. Seeing the message in everything that happens.
16. Increased integrity: You realise that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth. 
17. Harmony with seasons and cycles: You are becoming more tuned to the seasons, the phases of the moon and natural cycles. 
18. You are drawn to studying and working with crystals.
19. Increased intuitive abilities and altered states of consciousness: Thinking of someone and immediately hearing from them. Intensified sensitivity and knowing. Channelling Angelic energies.
20. Communication with Spirit. Contact with Angels, spirit guides, and other divine entities.
21. Living your purpose: You know you are finally doing what you came to earth for. 
Alot of these changes are due to your energy shifting and your body is going through a healing process of releasing the energy attached to the negative emotions you may have built up over time. It also helps you raise your energetic vibration so you can connect up to your higher self and guides.
My theory on this our energy field has an electrical frequency and in order to connect our energy field gets lifted so we operate at a high frequency. See my earlier blogs on healing and the electrical frequency attached to each colour of the auric field.

As with any unusual physical or emotional symptoms – you should always consult a Doctor.
Author – Caroline 
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Crystal Healing | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

Crystal’s for healing for a millenia to heal and bring balance into life.

Crystals work both through resonance and vibration. To gain maximum benefit from Crystal Healing, ensure that you know the Crystal you are using and meditate on it.

If you are sensitive to Crystals, you can hold a Crystal in the palm of your hand and feel and slight pulsating or tingling sensation, sometimes you will feel either heat or cold. This is a Crystal working with your energy field and you can feel the pulsating of an electrical frequency.

This frequency is now used on modern medical practices, and is called  piezoelectric, which means that the electricity and sometimes light, is produced by compression.

It is a property harnessed by ultrasound machines, which use piezoelectric crystal to produce a sound wave.
Sound is now being applied at the leading edge of surgery, this is a tightly focused beam of ultrasound that can cauterize wounds deep within the body and blast tumour’s apart without the need for invasive procedures.
Shamans and Crystal healers of old were familiar with the ability of Crystal’s to focus sound and light vibrations in a concentrated ray which was then applied for healing.

You could also refer to the quartz watch. The quartz powers the watch.

It has been known by healers all over the world, healers work on the energy and electrical vibration of a person and nowadays most are qualified counsellor’s and life coaches, as energy mixed with psychology is a powerful healing tool.

The most commonly used Crystal’s are:

Quartz – This is a multi functional crystal and known as the master healer and can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

Rose Quartz – The stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.This is the most important crystal for the heart, teaching the true essence of love, it purifies and opens the heart on all levels.Rose quartz strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities in the system.

Amethyst – This is a extremely powerful and protective stone with a high vibration. It guards against psychic attack, ie negative thoughts towards you. Amethyst boosts the production of hormones and tunes the endocrine system and metabolism.

Carnelian – This stones grounds and anchors you in the present reality. A stabalising stone with high energy, that is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation. Life cycle it imparts the acceptance of the cycle of life. For healing carnelian is full of life force and vitality.

Citrine – Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenorat0r. It carries the power of the sun, is warming, energizing and highly creative. Citrine energises life on each level it is a stone of abundance. This dynamic stones teaches how to manifest and attracts wealth and prosperity, success and all good things, it is a happy sharing stone and encourages you to share with what you have.

Crystal Heart Psychics, love Crystals, they are an amplifier of positive energy and light.
Author – Caroline 
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Infographic on a Guide to Holisitic Happiness | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic readings where the heart matters


Simply click on the image to read this lovely infographic on a Guide to Holistic Happiness


Infographic| Psychic predictions | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic readings where the heart matters

Famous  Psychic predictions infographic
Famous Psychic predictions infographic

Simply click on the picture to open up this lovely infographic on famous psychic predictions


Attracting abundance | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

There are many books written with regards to attracting abundance and manifestation.
Such as the secret, Cosmic ordering for beginners, The cosmic ordering service.

There are three steps to manifesting:

1) The thought – think positive
2) Be certain about what you want and your needs, the old saying careful what you wish for
3) The action – this is the energy you put behind it, the passion you have about it
4) Truly believing in your own intuition and letting go, in order to allow yourself to receive from the universe.

Taking action whilst being hung up on the outcome can causes problems:

We want something to happen and we want it so bad we create an energy that gives off a stressful/desperate vibe, in that very essence we are pushing it away because we are wanting and there is a difference in the feeling of wanting and knowing we have something.

when we trust our intuition and gut feeling, we have an inner knowing that something is going to happen this is the key to manifesting successfully.

Its getting the balance right between wanting it sooooo bad and being relaxed enough to allow it to happen.

You want another job, so you sit and think about that new job, what it looks like, what it may feel like.

But you don’t apply for any jobs – so no jobs opportunities come up.

Thinking the thought and then applying yourself to make it happen with confidence yes this is going to work is the ultimate manifestation tool.

The universe brings us what we allow ourselves to receive and by changing our own energy to ensure we believe in what we are trying to achieve is the single most important thing we can do.

Lets talk about job interviews:

You go to a job and really want that job, you get nervous and stressed and due to this you don’t create the right persona in the interview. So you dont get the job.

This also works the other way with regards to overconfidence, you go to the interview and are certain you get that job, but you may have been overconfident and didn’t perform to the best of your abilities. Again no job.
Manifesting is looking for the balance, not overconfident, but not stressed either. 

This is where the thought and belief is so important. 
Its also allowing yourself to be in a relaxed enough to let things happen, whilst staying grounded and focused on what you want.
Always be grateful for what you receive.
Believe and you will receive.

Author – Caroline
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Telephone Psychic Readings how do they work ?

The biggest question from most people when it come to telephone psychic readings is, how do they work ?

A psychic works with energy, and their higher spiritual connection. Some would say higher guidance, a psychic has the ability to link in and channel to that spiritual guidance regardless of whether this is a telephone psychic reading in the convenience of your own home, or sitting opposite a psychic medium talking face to face.

Being a psychic means you have the ability to tune in and connect to our spiritual guidance and we allow ourselves to receive information from our guides, or even pass messages from departed loved one’s.

Every psychic works differently and the way we tune in to our higher guidance is different for all. Some psychics use tarot cards and other divination tools.

Spirit are all seeing and knowing and can assist us to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, as it is an energetic and telepathic connection. 

Caroline who founded Crystal Heart Psychics, has worked many years as a telephone psychic reader for other companies before founding Crystal Heart Psychics. She found she was able to maintain her full time job in the corporate world and still work as a psychic by doing telephone psychic readings. She also found that by doing telephone psychic readings she would reach more people to help guide others in her work. 

Psychic skills
Clairvoyant -sees – a clairvoyant will see pictures in their third eye, its the equivalent to watching a movie in your brain. 
Clairaudient-hears – Most psychics connect into their higher self’s, or soul when channelling and also have their own guides, for a medium its like hearing a voice. There is also your departed loved ones, always spirit come forward with confirmation of who they are to ensure we are connecting into our clients. If there are messages that need to be passed on spirit will come through.
Clairsentient is a person who feels others energy, and other people’s feelings to the point of feeling other’s illnesses or pain.
Clairgonizance is where a psychic has an inner knowingness.
With regards to tools such as tarot, or dowsing a psychic uses these by tuning into the person on the other end of the phone, the cards pick up the energies around that person and therefore can give guidance in an instant. This is exactly the same as being a channel for spirit.

Everything and everyone has a human energy field around them, (please see our other blogs on healing and science) spirit, are energy, which for a human this is an electro magnetic energy field.

At crystal hearts all of our readers are very experienced most have psychic coaching and counselling skills and many years of experience between them in helping guide others on their path. There is no better feeling for a psychic to hear that their client’s life is changing and going well. 

At Crystal Heart Psychics we enjoy feedback, and when you have completed you reading we really appreciate you leaving your testimonial. You can do this by simply clicking on your chosen’s psychic picture when they are online and completing the form below their profile.

Crystal Heart psychics, was founded to provide our clients with quality and professional telephone psychic readings, where we can assist you in any area of your life. Love and Romance, Career, and Finance.
We also offer a guarantee on all of our credit card psychic readings, if you do not connect with your chosen psychic in the first 5 minutes, simply go back to our receptionist and ask to be transferred to another psychic reader.

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UK US Psychic tag team across the pond| Blog talk radio show

Listen to the latest episode of UKUS Psychic tag team across the pond. This episode is with Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychics answering live calls through blog talk radio.

Caroline founder of Crystal Heart Psychics the UK side of the UK US Psychics tag team will be hosting this weeks show and covering for Joanie Eisinger during this episode.

Caroline will be offering psychic readings in her warm friendly and positive approach to psychic readings.

Caroline is a psychic medium life coach and healer. Caroline is qualified as a Reiki master, Tara Mai Seichem Master, NLP practitione, hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist. Caroline enjoys providing psychic readings and offering healing on love and relationships, career, spirituality and family.

Caroline has also been featured in Soul and Spirit Magazine in 2013,2014 and 2016.

Blog talk radio show podcast recorded 20th September 2016


Psychic protection | Crystal Heart Psychics | Psychic Readings Where The Heart Matters

Psychic protection helps every one and it is always wise, if you are sensitive to your spiritual nature to protect yourself.
Have you ever heard the saying – “they are dragging me down”
We have negative people and positive people in our lives, and depending on what is happening to that person in their life at that time they can be emitting quite a negative energy, in turn this can get others down.
On a spiritual level over the years I have heard various opinions saying oh they are negative person so we should stay away from them, however there is an element of that person may be a positive person going through a negative life experience and with the right support guidance and encouragement along with the willingness to change, they will come out the other side of it far stronger from that experience. As it gives a person a greater depth of understanding.
As a healer I have helped many people over the years and a person may just be having a negative life experience and that is not their fault, this can cause stress, anxiety and a whole manner of feelings.  As a healer it is my job to help that person, without letting that energy effect me, being a sensitive I do feel others feelings and therefore it is paramount to use protection. You will see people in the health profession do this day in day out, Doctor’s and Nurses for example. Even though I am a healer and I truly believe in the benefits of healing, I think both medical and holistic health work hand in hand.
As an energy worker though it is paramount to protect yourself, whether this is due to being in the presence of a negative human energy field or negative spiritual energy field. To protect ourselves all we need to do is set up the intention we will not be taking anything negative on board. Example in an important meeting where we may have to stand our ground set the intention for full and complete protection.
We can practice visualisations:
Setting up a vision of a bubble around ourselves, or an egg or sphere.
We can ask the angels to protect us and wrap their wings around us.
We can set the intention for the kind of interaction we would like to have with other people. Intend to remain fully and completely protected at all times in a way that causes no harm or discomfort to anyone.
Protection is about learning to interact with others, regardless of whether positive or negative and not allowing their energy to effect us.  For example at work, we may have to interact with someone we dont necessarily resonate with on an energetic vibrational level. However we can learn to work with this.
By asking for protection, we will not be effected half as much.
Whichever way we choose, is the right way for you.
Author – Caroline
Crystal Heart Psychics 
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