Telephone Psychic Readings how do they work ?

The biggest question from most people when it come to telephone psychic readings is, how do they work ?

A psychic works with energy, and their higher spiritual connection. Some would say higher guidance, a psychic has the ability to link in and channel to that spiritual guidance regardless of whether this is a telephone psychic reading in the convenience of your own home, or sitting opposite a psychic medium talking face to face.

Being a psychic means you have the ability to tune in and connect to our spiritual guidance and we allow ourselves to receive information from our guides, or even pass messages from departed loved one’s.

Every psychic works differently and the way we tune in to our higher guidance is different for all. Some psychics use tarot cards and other divination tools.

Spirit are all seeing and knowing and can assist us to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, as it is an energetic and telepathic connection. 

Caroline who founded Crystal Heart Psychics, has worked many years as a telephone psychic reader for other companies before founding Crystal Heart Psychics. She found she was able to maintain her full time job in the corporate world and still work as a psychic by doing telephone psychic readings. She also found that by doing telephone psychic readings she would reach more people to help guide others in her work. 

Psychic skills
Clairvoyant -sees – a clairvoyant will see pictures in their third eye, its the equivalent to watching a movie in your brain. 
Clairaudient-hears – Most psychics connect into their higher self’s, or soul when channelling and also have their own guides, for a medium its like hearing a voice. There is also your departed loved ones, always spirit come forward with confirmation of who they are to ensure we are connecting into our clients. If there are messages that need to be passed on spirit will come through.
Clairsentient is a person who feels others energy, and other people’s feelings to the point of feeling other’s illnesses or pain.
Clairgonizance is where a psychic has an inner knowingness.
With regards to tools such as tarot, or dowsing a psychic uses these by tuning into the person on the other end of the phone, the cards pick up the energies around that person and therefore can give guidance in an instant. This is exactly the same as being a channel for spirit.

Everything and everyone has a human energy field around them, (please see our other blogs on healing and science) spirit, are energy, which for a human this is an electro magnetic energy field.

At crystal hearts all of our readers are very experienced most have psychic coaching and counselling skills and many years of experience between them in helping guide others on their path. There is no better feeling for a psychic to hear that their client’s life is changing and going well. 

At Crystal Heart Psychics we enjoy feedback, and when you have completed you reading we really appreciate you leaving your testimonial. You can do this by simply clicking on your chosen’s psychic picture when they are online and completing the form below their profile.

Crystal Heart psychics, was founded to provide our clients with quality and professional telephone psychic readings, where we can assist you in any area of your life. Love and Romance, Career, and Finance.
We also offer a guarantee on all of our credit card psychic readings, if you do not connect with your chosen psychic in the first 5 minutes, simply go back to our receptionist and ask to be transferred to another psychic reader.

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