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In our latest series blogs we have talked about spiritual awakening and the modern day psychic.

It is my (Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics) belief from what I know intuitively coupled with personal experience and what I have studied with regards to science, that as a human race we are evolving, this in essence is calling us to be more in-tune with our soul purpose. We are becoming awakened and switched on to our intuition as this is the key to our soul.

When you think of animals the majority of their behaviour is based on instinct. For me personally I talk about horses, my dearly now departed old horse in particular showed me my spiritual gifts and psychic nature.

But when you look at a horse, this is a flight animal who can sense danger from long distances away, the horse does not question that instinct, they just go with what they should do, in this instance it’s run! This is an instinctive reaction danger means run.

All humans have this same instinct, unfortunately in modern society, we have created a safe environment for ourselves, allowed logic and science to take over and effectively forgotten to listen to our intuition, of both our heart and gut reaction.

Though modern day society talks about logic and analysis and making up our mind of how things should be, this is still logic, but most things when it comes to making a decision, we base it on how we feel, how many times have we said to ourselves “it feels right”.

The way to explain this:
For example we look for a house, we know type of house we want, how many bedrooms, the area and what we can afford to pay. So we go to view a few houses with the specifications we want, in the end though we buy the house that feels right.

Most people when asked why did they do something, most of the time it will be based on a feeling.

This is intuition and instinct and trusting that inner knowing. I personally always say when making a decision it should be from your gut, head and heart every time.

Our belief is at Crystal Heart Psychics, we want to provide quality psychic readings and psychic guidance along with coaching and counselling. We offer clarity and support to help you trust your gut and listen to your instinct and intuition. To help you make the right decision and follow on the right path.

Both head and heart decisions should be intertwined so we find balance and harmony. This is how we are evolving.

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