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The word Psychic can often has often created a reaction of fear and scepticism and brings up an image of a lady sitting in a corner with a crystal ball in front of her and scarf over the top of her head!

The word psychic often labels, spooky, weird, odd, strange, or simply invokes fear.
Some psychics do use tools – these can be any form of cards, from Angel cards to Tarot cards, and even the Crystal Ball. However these are simply tools that help a psychic reader focus on the energy around a person. Carl Jung the famous for founder of analytical psychology wrote on numerous occasion’s about his knowledge of the tarot and human synchronicity.Â

In my experience (from Caroline at Crystal Heart Psychics), being a psychic medium and working professionally myself for many years I have come across many of these different perceptions. Both the spiritual community and I have had to learn accept it is part of the course, if we are to be who we are.

All of the readers at Crystal Heart Psychics have like myself have ethics and integrity and are truly gifted individuals. “Normal people with exceptional gifts”, I like to call it fine tuned sensitivity.

The modern day psychic is grounded, able to offer genuine advice and guidance without interfering with spiritual or karmic law.

Spiritual law means everybody has freewill and the right to choose, we can tell you the opportunities coming your way from the messages we receive, we offer guidance and help you listen to your natural gift of intuition and help you stay positive through whatever situation you are dealing with, as every cloud does have a silver lining. It may not seem like it at the time but invariably you will know later on why something happened.

As a psychic it is part of our ethics and integrity to ensure a client has a positive experience and goes away feeling enlightened, lighter, brighter and calmer about their future or any particular life choices that they have to make.

If you asked a psychic – why do they do what they do, they would tell you they felt it was a higher calling, as they have a gift to share that can help others onto their path, it is unselfish and it is set with the purest intention of caring for another person, along with our animals in the case of Crystal Heart Psychics.

On a personal note, nothing gives me greater pleasure when someone comes back to me and says thanks. It fills my heart with gratitude, joy and fulfilment.

It is unfortunate in our field of work, some people claim they are psychic when unfortunately this isn’t the case.

It is something as an industry we have had to face.

The modern day psychic, knows and understands psychology along with energy, it is their calling to bring a client back in balance, we still have what I personally consider as “the extra special bits” this is our gifts. (Clairvoyant (seeing), Clairaudient (Hearing), clairsentient (Feeling), Claircognizance (Knowing)).

As a modern day psychic, I still carry out day to day life, live life, enjoy fashion, socialise and am just like any other person walking down the street. I just have a gift that helps others and it is a gift that I wish to share.
Our family of psychic readers have a vast array of life experience, knowledge, and coaching skills, and as the founder of Crystal Heart Psychics I test all of the psychics online.

We at Crystal Heart Psychics, don’t just want to give you a whats going to happen, we will point out the opportunities that are coming in your pathway, we also want to assist you in listening to your own intuition, giving you the confidence and choices to follow your own path and heart.

However I always say to my client’s, spirit do have a sense of humour and well sometimes when giving a reading it helps to see the lightness in any of a given situation.

Below is a scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal belief.
Out of 1002 participants, 18 years or older, 73% believed in paranormal events some of the beliefs were:
41% ESP – Extra sensory perception
37% – Haunted Houses
32% – Ghosts
31% – telepathy
26% – Clairvoyancy
25% – Astrology
21% – Communication with the dead
20% – Reincarnation
9% – Channeling spirit entities

Author – Caroline Founder of Crystal Heart Psychics
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