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Psychic Mediums are there to pass on messages from spirit guides or loved ones passed over where they can offer insight and give guidance with regards to your future. An inhabitant of the Spirit World can, to a degree, predict future events, offer warning signs and offer guidance for your situation. However the spiritual way is that a psychic or medium cannot interfere with a persons freewill.

The guidance we get is based on the circumstances that matter currently in your life. This is done by reasoning based observation of past and present conditions and events, and is more accurate than the same process used by humans, because the spirit is not hampered by a physical body nor by ideas of convention that go with the limitations of the human body.

When a spirit sends messages through the mind of the medium, this can be received in an number of ways, such as:
Clairvoyance –  Seeing pictures
Clairaudience –  Hearing spirit guides or loved ones passed over
Clairsentience – Sensing spirits and feelings

Messages received from recognisable personalities, from relatives or friends in the spirit world show that death does not significantly change a person. Interests, knowledge, affections held before death, these memories of our existence carry over into the next existence.

Explained this is like de ja vous inner knowingness I have been here before, or you simply feel you know someone from a previous past life connection.

For example Caroline of Crystal Heart Psychics was born as an intuitive empath and healer and even though discovered her abilities later on in life, when on her spiritual learning path knew things from before.
 Information gained during these years of communication has consistently confirmed that spirit guides are there to assist and guide, influencing our thoughts and actions so we stay on our life path.

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