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The word psychic is simply a description of skills where a person can connect into the spiritual world and offer guidance and advise based on their connection.

Psychics have different abilities and regardless of the tools that are used, Psychics have the ability to tune into their higher guidance and receive the messages, feelings and pictures to channel from their guides (spirit guides).

Why do psychics use tools.

Tools are used as it helps a psychic connect into your current situation and into their higher guidance.

We all have an energy field (Bio Magnetic energy field), this is usually known as the aura, when a psychic provides a psychic reading for a person, they are linking into to that person’s energy.

Some psychics channel direct guidance from spirit and these are known as mediums.
Psychics link in to enable them to answer your questions.
Psychics pass this guidance to you are client to assist you in your questions.

The different psychic tools.
Tarot cards, each card has an energy, with the symbols and the pictures used, by shuffling the cards and drawing on them as a psychic links into your energy field, and their guides we are given the situation around you.

Angel cards – These work in a similar way to tarot cards, again it is about the energy you are giving us to work with, the angel cards are used to bring higher guidance into any scenario.

Dowsing – Dowsing is done by using a pendulum or dowsing rods, again a psychic will connect into their own higher guidance, and link in through the unconscious mind. The pendulum for each individual person will move in different directions.

Example for myself Caroline the dowser moves left for no, right for yes and back and forth for don’t know. I connect to my higher guidance and ask the questions the individual wishes to ask. The pendulum again connects into the energy field of the subconscious mind.

Crystal ball – This is used to look into and pictures form in the ball, so the psychic can see and pass messages on. It is used as a reflection for psychic to look into and link in.

It is why at Crystal Heart Psychics we also recommend relaxation and meditation as, by learning to switch off your inner talk, you can listen to your gut instinct and feelings.

It always helps to talk and seek clarification you are on the right path and it is what we are here to  to do at Crystal Heart Psychics.

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