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Element – Fire and Earth

Chakra’s – Solar plexus and Root

Tigers eye is a grounding stone and a stabiliser.

However it also gives vitality and passion back into life. Whilst it has the brown grounding colours of the earth and root chakra, the gold stripes give the colour of the sun adding positive energy too carry out the actions needed in order to manifest your desires.

It is a stone of mental clarity, and helps to balance both sides of the brain and bridge the gap between logic and creative.

Tiger’s eye energises the body and assists with fatigue and encourages one to be persistent through any given situation.

In meditation this stone can assist one to connect into the greater consciousness a place of unconditional love and peace and harmony.

It is a stone of the golden ray and balance and this combination of vibration encourages one to move forward on a firm footing to step forward.

Due to its ability to help one focus, it is good for business and logical decisions and assist with lifting self criticism and low self worth.

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