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Element : Storm

Chakra: Throat and third eye.

Turquoise is a brilliant healer and is a stone of the ancients, very much connected with Egyptian times.

It is a protective stone and provides solace for the spirit and well being for the body.

It is believed to change colour to warn of infidelity and promotes spiritual attunement whilst enhancing communication.

Placed on the third eye it enhances intuition.

Placed on the throat chakra it releases old vows and inhibitions, allowing one to be more intone with themselves.
Therefore it will assist in one expressing oneself more, and explores past life connections.
Turquoise is a stone of enhancement and purification and it dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog.

Turquoise unites the earth and the sky bringing ying and yang energies into balance and being.
It can help calm the nerves when it comes to public speaking and it can assist one to learn to have more inner confidence and calm.

It is a stabilising stone and assists one in dissolving self sabotage.

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