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Chakras – Heart, Base (Root)

Element – Fire

Unakite holds properties of Epidote and Pink feldspar. It is mainly a heart chakra stone.

It works with purifying the energies around you, and assists one in stabilising the environment.

It helps one on a heart basis shed their past and start anew, and in effect is a stone of rebirth and commitment to starting afresh.

The stone encourages visionary abilities an assists one in developing skills and aids you to visualise what you want in your life.

The deep green in the stone is very earthy and therefore helps one to stay focused and grounded whilst going about creating their desires.

As a healing crystal placed under the pillow because it’s energy is calm and peaceful it will aid with sleep.
It can also assist in breaking out of negative life cycles and addictive habits, and will assist in alleviating stress.

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