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Working with Unicorn energy

Unicorns have a fine and majestic energy and are powerful healers in their own right.
Unicorns are seen as light beings and most horses that come onto the earth plane are also light workers in their own right.

Animals teach unconditional and pure love, this is also what Unicorns teach.
The earth energy is opening up and to help us in our quest lighten up so to speak we are being given Unicorn energy to work with.

Unicorns come in to tell us to have faith, whenever you have fear or doubt in your mind ask the Unicorns to help.

Unicorns are powerful healers, and this is why as human’s we are drawn to horses as horses have a strong but gentle energy and offer warmth and love.

Caroline founder of crystal heart psychics is a firm believer, no human or animal is difficult when they are born, as we are all born a blank canvas it is how we are treated in our life’s that make us who we are.

The Unicorn brings as a guide great healing powers, with strength and softness. Unicorns are always depicted as magical beings that shine a light on our path.

Unicorns are known to unlock your healing potential, it may explain why Caroline’s horse taught her alot of her spiritual work and growth and development due to having to help her horse heal from a keratoma (tumour in hoof) many years ago.

The Unicorn will guide you in deeply connecting with others and give powerful guidance to live in love and peace, and freedom.

If you think of the symbol of a horse, it depicts strength, power in a subtle and majestic way.
This is exactly what a Unicorn depicts and when channelling Unicorn energy it is one of pure love.

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