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Paul is a down-to-earth Sensitive who has been living, breathing, studying, consulting with and teaching Tarot for almost 40 years. He usually describes himself as a “Direct Clairvoyant” or as a “Seer”. Pauls reading style is incisive, empathic, sometimes challenging yet practical and straightforward, he will only ever convey what he senses with authenticity and integrity – this may not be what you want to hear, or perhaps, expect to hear! There is absolutely no mumbo-jumbo involved in Pauls readings. He believes that reading the energy around people is as real as sound waves and the unseen currents that power light bulbs! Paul works Monday 12-4pm & 6-10pm, Tuesday 12-4pm & 6-9pm, Wednesday 12-6pm, Thursday 12-4pm, Friday 12-4pm & 6-9pm.

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Clairvoyant, Clairsentient
Astrology, Tarot Cards
Love/relationships, Career/work, Destiny/life path