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Ray (Energy Healer)
Ray can use his knowledge of nine star Ki to gain a rapid personality profile of anybody, just needing your date of birth and sex. From this, he will gain access to your personal energy matrix or “energetic fingerprint”.This fingerprint along with the astrological profile will allow Ray to use knowledge,insight and intuition to help you to develop body,mind and spirit. He will be locked into your energy matrix during the process and will use this to give healing and recommendations for your self development, healing and growth.You can have specific goals such as, “how can I make myself more able to be a success in my business?”, or more general goals such as “I dont feel very happy, can you help?”. Or you may have no goal whatsoever and just wish to engage in a process that is nourishing for your life. Please note that Ray is not a Psychic Reader. Please look at our packages available on the home page.

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Love/relationships, Career/work, Destiny/life path