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Tarot is often seen as a poor relation in comparison to mediumship and this is simply not the case and can be quite an unfair judgement, it is part of the spiritual toolkit and offers a guiding light to all who use it.

The tarot can add structure and focus into any reading and a good tarot reader will always go with their their heart felt and higher guidance from the cards. Also known as clairgonizance – which is inner knowingness.
If you ask a tarot reader about reading the cards, they will always tell you the cards invoke feelings and guidance, they are also a link in to a person’s energy field.

From research this seems to stem from a misunderstanding about the cards and what they are used for.
Cartomancy is one of the oldest forms of divination and has been around since the 15th century. Playing cards (14th Century),Lenormandand Tarot being amongst the oldest types of cards used. Tarot enables you to see your life or situation laid out before you, providing insights that come from a different perspective . The cards offer a reading like no other.

Carl Jung the famous psychologist also was a user of the tarot.
Wald amberstone, co founder of the tarot school puts it perfectly:
With a deck of cards, we can tell the stories of where we come from, how it is that we are here and what awaits us, and what we will or might become.
I love this vision of the tarot as a tool for telling our stories, a story that is not yet complete our life journey and a glimpse into the future guiding us on our route from the past.
So is the tarot a poor relation? No not at all it is a rich and colourful gem in the psychics toolkit. 
A shining light in the crown of the psychic realms.
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